Why Aquaprin™ ?
Headache Relief in 5 to 10 Minutes!

AQUAPRIN is a residue free, clear and good tasting 1.5 oz  or more drink that is ready in less than 30 seconds.


Aspir-Tek, Inc. developed the technology to physically bind aspirin and potassium bicarbonate into an "Effervescing Crystal" form. Just add to a small amount of water, and an instant reaction takes place, totally dissolving the aspirin, forming AQUAPRIN.


AQUAPRIN is not a powder. AQUAPRIN is an effervescing crystal that completely dissolves into a non acidic, residue free and therapeutically effective derivative of aspirin.  


Goody’s Powders®, BC Powders®, and aspirin tablets are completely different. No other pain reliever on the market today completely dissolves aspirin.


As a result, AQUAPRIN will be proven to be the safest, fastest acting and superior OTC pain reliever on the market. 


AQUAPRIN acts faster to relieve pain, is safer to use than other aspirin pain relievers. It is water soluble and non acidic, making it a preferred method over tablet forms of aspirin.

ASPIRIN THERAPY A daily regimen of aspirin has long been prescribed by doctors for the prevention of heart attacks and strokes. The nature of aspirin makes it difficult and sometimes impossible for some to adhere to a daily regimen. Stomach upset and gastric degradation due to the acid in aspirin forces some to eliminate aspirin altogether.

AQUAPRIN is acid free, and actually serves as an antacid. Daily regimens of AQUAPRIN are safer and easier to take, allowing more people to take advantage of the heart attack fighting characteristics of aspirin.
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AQUAPRIN™ is already FDA approved and ready for commercialization.
The product and several line extensions are now ready for scale-up and commercialization. AQUAPRIN™ will be manufactured in accordance with the current FDA Analgesics Monograph, appearing in the "permitted combinations" section of the Federal Register and in the USP under the "Effervescent Aspirin" monograph.
Aspir-Tek Facts
Aspir-Tek was founded in 1993 with the intent of developing a safer, more efficient aspirin product so that more people could benefit from its use.

The development of the product, package engineering, product stability, shelf life testing and quality control research has been completed in Aspir-Tek's research laboratory and small scale production facility in Rocky Mount, NC.

The result of this research and development is AQUAPRIN. It has been approved for commercialization scale production by the FDA, and will become available to the retail market in the coming months.

In addition to the initial AQUAPRIN product, Aspir-Tek also has other products in various stages of development using the AQUAPRIN technology.
These products are:

  • AQUAPRIN™ Migraine strength
  • AQUAPRIN™ Pain Away Headache Relief
  • AQUAPRIN™ Daily Regimen
  • AQUAPRIN™ Instaprin for emergency use
  • AQUAPRIN™ Sport

AQUAPRIN™ has been approved by the FDA
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Goody's®  and BC Powders® are registered trademarks of GlaxoSmithKline

AQUAPRIN™ is a trademark of Aspir-Tek, Inc.

Research and Development of AQUAPRIN™ has been completed in the company's research laboratory and small scale production facility in Rocky Mount, NC. The company will begin a scaled up production facility for retail distribution in the near future.